Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Monica Cost: The Things I Used to do to Sneeze

On Sunday, January 1, I was feelin’ some kinda way, yet I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what this feeling was.  Without question, I felt excited about the new year and the tremendous blessings God has provided. I felt and always feel surrounded by the love of my incredible family. I felt completely confident about the steady growth of my company, LeslieWrites, LLC, and the positive vibes from my new clients in Chicago and my tried and true client in New York. No doubt.
New Year’s Day is a day to embrace and celebrate new beginnings as the holidays come to a screeching halt. We reflect on how we raised our champagne flutes (or paper cups) :-) the night before, toasting what lies ahead, leaving the past in the past. I get it and I was feeling all of that too, but I woke up feeling introspective and perhaps even a little melancholy. I decided to grab my blanket and settle in on the couch for the afternoon to check out the new book by author, Monica Cost, entitledThe Things I Used to do to Sneeze! How to Live an Authentic Life with Awesome Sensations. Truthfully, the title of the book was a little silly to me and I’m sure that was part of the point. Monica is a savvy brand strategist and an all-around classy, driven woman. I was certain that behind the funny and as I discovered, completely relevant title, she had some eye-opening things to share. Because I had a few hours to kill before getting my kids from the airport, I decided to devote time to getting in Monica’s head and picking up a few lessons along the way.
The Things I Used to do to Sneeze!… Let me tell you, God used Monica as a vessel to provide me with some of the more important lessons I’ve learned as an adult. She breaks down some fundamental principles associated with core values, living life on your own terms and being completely honest about who you are aesthetically, emotionally, spiritually, relationally, professionally, financially and parentally. She writes in great detail about how people in our society live in “The Land of Make Believe.” Amen to that.
What I appreciate about the book is that Monica takes her readers through several of her own very personal life experiences to illustrate how her journey brought her to the point of living an authentic life. In chapter 4 Monica writes: “…I now choose acceptance as opposed to ‘fitting in.’ I’d rather bring myself, quirks and all, with my well-intentioned heart, and let people decide on truth, rather than bring a representative situated perfectly for a particular group, which is, quite often a lie.” Break it down, Monica!
While we all know the importance of walking in our own truth in principle, sometimes it takes a profoundly honest person like Monica to hold up that mirror at just the right time to help us focus on being the type of person we need to be. “I want you to live a life true to your journey to achieve your most desired sensations,” Monica writes. “In the end, our world will be better because we had the best of you.”  I found myself giving Monica an imaginary fist bump as she impressed and inspired me page after age. For me, The Things I Used to do to Sneeze! was a wonderful, quick read. As I step confidently into the new year, I believe her message will help me stay the hell out of “The Land of Make Believe” and it will help you too.
So my question for you is: What are you doing to live an authentic life? Please post a comment below. I’d love to hear from you on the subject of living your own truth.
Living Authentically (or at least trying to),